Thursday, September 5, 2013

I Miss You, Love

Assalammualaikum awak-awak semua..
haa! hari ni CN tetiba feeling emo pulak emm nak share something ni.. layankan je okay? :')

Dear Love, 

As time goes by
I've never imagine that you are really important to me
Your smile that attracted me
Your sweetness that makes me melt
Your love that give me strength to live
But why its just fade away..

You are the one that i love
You are the one that i fall to
You are the reason i faught to
You are the one i chose to stay
Its only you..

Will you be alright 
if i leave you
if i dissapear
if my eye drops a tear
will you?? 

held my heart tight keep it closely with you because my feeling to you will never fade... :')

p/s: "what past is past, what done need to done"

2 comment2:

Cik nadya said...

sabar ye =)

Farah Razali said...

InsyaAllah.. :) terima kasih