Thursday, October 15, 2009

Daddy"s Birthday

9 october!!
happy b'day abah..
hee gmbr2 ni time abah CN nye b'day la..
First pic ialah CN nye Daddy lorr very funny person n frenly!! cm anak dye gak..
'like pather like dother'.. i love him so much!! abah2 ngee..
Second pic plk tmpt kteowg celebrate b'day daddy CN la.. tmpt ni best thp gle!!
enjoy then puas!! ley wat recipe sndiri.. mkn pon fun tk yah cover2..
Lastly pic adalah hdiah from my little pooh n me.. CN bg yg wrne pink..
then bru t'igt present ni utk guy la adoii lost pink plk kn.. tp tk per daddy CN ske gak..
biar arr!! kn2?? daddy tk kisah pon tau.. bgus2..
sgt syok n enjoy la abah pon happy!! good for him.. hope HIS blessing always be with him..
harap abah pnjg umo..murah rezeki..dan sht2 slalu..