Friday, October 2, 2009

CN's feeling about ...

yesterday.. i thought i want to call him..
but he text me about the girl who are really s*** to me... i don't know her, i don't care bout her,
n i don't really wanna know bout her.. all s*** to me.. go f*** urself..
i'm still talking bout the bitch!!

i wonder y my y*** always talking bout her.. are she really 'cun'?? what the F!!
i wrote this not because i'm jelous 4god sick no!hell no! i just unsatisfied with the bitch!
Gossip together at the office.. Da!! are u good enough!!
want to flirt my y***?? see the mirror first!!

i never felt like this before..

for my y*** i dont want to mad u.. i juz wanna be with u..
please help me by not talking about her anymore..

sory guys cause using dirty words!!

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