Friday, October 23, 2009

Hayfa Nur Zulaikha.. syg dye..

23 October 2009 a baby girl is born..
name Hayfa Nur Zulaikha Bt Hasnol Hadi..
ni ank sepupu CN la.. tk sbr nk dgr dye pnggil CN aunty farah..
dye sgt cntik.. kcik dn comel!! esok CN nk gy tgk dye la..
tgk awl2 tk best sbb dye asyik tdo jer.. jd tgk lmbt2 skit.. hheheh..
hayfa syg.. welcome to our family.. mmuahhh!!
to k.linda n abg hasnol congratulation ya.. ur baby is adoreable!!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Such as lovely song

Infant Sorrow: Inside of You

Old as ancient skies,
I've had these wandering eyes,
but you took me by surprise,
when you let me
Inside of You.

Inside of You,
Inside of You,
There's got to be, some part of me
Inside of You.

Inside of You,
I could cross this desert plain,
Inside of You,
I can hear you scream my name,
Inside of You,
While the stars unfold,
I've crossed me heart and I've crossed the world,
and I need you here and I need to be
Inside of You.

Now the flowers bloom,
I feel you creep into my room,
and if this should be our tune,
I'll die here,
Inside of You.

And the world explodes,
I've never been down this road,
Teach me how to grow,
While I'm movin'
Inside of You.

Inside of You,
The restless find their dreams,
Inside of You,
This King has found his Queen,
Inside of You,
While the stars unfold,
I've crossed me heart and I've crossed the world,
and I need you here and I need to be
Inside of You.

Inside of You,
Bay blue,
so say adieu to thoughts untrue,
Who I woo, it's You I woo.

Through and through,
and through and through,
There's so much more than just a screw,
Inside of You.

and I was blizzard blind,
felt like I'd lost me mind,
but You've treated me so kind,
I don't know what to do.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

My Beloved Necklace

This rantai sgt bermakna wat CN..
CN ske rntai ni sgt2.. huruf A?? jeng3x Adalah...
hahhahaa hdiah p'tme drpd pk cik tu..
pkcik2 thanks bgt tau.. CN jge rntai ni elok2 ya.. kalau tk rse ssh hdiah kn lg..
hahahaha CN tnggu hdiah pkcik yg sterusnye plk..

Daddy"s Birthday

9 october!!
happy b'day abah..
hee gmbr2 ni time abah CN nye b'day la..
First pic ialah CN nye Daddy lorr very funny person n frenly!! cm anak dye gak..
'like pather like dother'.. i love him so much!! abah2 ngee..
Second pic plk tmpt kteowg celebrate b'day daddy CN la.. tmpt ni best thp gle!!
enjoy then puas!! ley wat recipe sndiri.. mkn pon fun tk yah cover2..
Lastly pic adalah hdiah from my little pooh n me.. CN bg yg wrne pink..
then bru t'igt present ni utk guy la adoii lost pink plk kn.. tp tk per daddy CN ske gak..
biar arr!! kn2?? daddy tk kisah pon tau.. bgus2..
sgt syok n enjoy la abah pon happy!! good for him.. hope HIS blessing always be with him..
harap abah pnjg umo..murah rezeki..dan sht2 slalu..

Friday, October 2, 2009

CN's feeling about ...

yesterday.. i thought i want to call him..
but he text me about the girl who are really s*** to me... i don't know her, i don't care bout her,
n i don't really wanna know bout her.. all s*** to me.. go f*** urself..
i'm still talking bout the bitch!!

i wonder y my y*** always talking bout her.. are she really 'cun'?? what the F!!
i wrote this not because i'm jelous 4god sick no!hell no! i just unsatisfied with the bitch!
Gossip together at the office.. Da!! are u good enough!!
want to flirt my y***?? see the mirror first!!

i never felt like this before..

for my y*** i dont want to mad u.. i juz wanna be with u..
please help me by not talking about her anymore..

sory guys cause using dirty words!!